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Meet the Team!


Kate Tố-Uyên Vũ

Founder & President

Kate Vu is a Vietnamese-American actress who was raised in Little Saigon, California. Growing up listening to her parents' lived experiences of the Vietnam War and their difficult assimilation into American culture as refugees motivated her to advocate for API representation in all sectors. She is passionate about using creativity to preserve Vietnamese history, bridge the Vietnamese diaspora, and aid in generational healing.

As the Founder & President of the Vietnamese Creatives Collective, Kate is excited to work on creating a space for Vietnamese creatives to find a sense of belonging and unity with each other. She hopes the Collective will, in addition to empowering API creatives to explore taboo issues and difficult conversations through their creative works, become a driving force in healing and uniting the API community.

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Duy Nguyễn-Amigo

Communications Chair

Duy “theoneDNA” Nguyen-Amigo is an Orange County based singer/songwriter. He strives to use his music as a platform to empower others to live their truest selves and, as an API LGBTQ+ individual, break barriers within the entertainment industry. As a Vietnamese-American, he feels that it is important to not lose sight of our origins and take pride in who we are. One of his goals as a creator is to celebrate his culture by integrating it into his artistry.


He envisions the Vietnamese Creatives Collective a safe space for artists to express themselves through their work, establish meaningful relationships with others within the industry, and truly embrace their identity in an effort to bridge the cultural disconnect within the Vietnamese-American community.

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Dorsey Nguyen

Operations Chair

Dorsey Nguyen is a digital content creator. He developed his passion for filmography and photography from family photo albums and home videos. He fell in love with capturing memories from the past in order to enjoy them in the present. He was raised by parents who actively advocate for the Vietnamese community and has learned to do the same. He has worked on shows such as Paris By Night, CONAN and The Voice. He hopes to, through his work, inspire fellow creatives to live out their dreams.


As a member of the Vietnamese Creatives collective, Dorsey hopes to help other Vietnamese creatives grow and become the best versions of themselves.

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Jacquelyn Do

Development Chair

Jacquelyn Do was born and raised in Garden Grove, California as the eldest daughter of two Vietnamese-American immigrants. While studying English at San Francisco State University, she became acutely aware of the lack of Vietnamese representation in American media, culture, and especially the literary canon. Through reading and writing about Vietnamese people and their unique experiences, she seeks to define what it means to identify as Vietnamese-American. 


Jacquelyn hopes to provide the members of her community with opportunities to engage in critical dialogue about the Vietnamese-American experience through both the creation and appreciation of art. Along with the rest of the Vietnamese Creatives Collective, she hopes to amplify the voices of the Vietnamese diaspora and bring their stories to higher prominence in mainstream culture.

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Britney Huynh

Outreach Chair

Britney Huynh grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and is a passionate advocate for the Vietnamese American community. She is affiliated with a number of community organizations, her work extending across Southern California and reaching beyond the Vietnamese American community to other AAPI groups. Along with earning her B.S. in Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Riverside, Britney has studied and obtained a minor in Dance. She strives to continue to expand her cultural education.


Britney’s goal is to create a safe space and source of community for members of the Vietnamese diaspora to call home.

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